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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Black Friday Blues

It’s been an interesting ten days. The pre-sale Black Friday (BF) e-mail specials started rolling in on the 19th of November. Sixty-eight of them accumulated in my delete file by this morning. Not too bad. The lady on the news said she'd received over one hundred of them. Guess I’m ahead of the game.
Some of the online BF sales sounded pretty good. Amazon had 40% off books like The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Could’ve  come in handy at the family dinner gathering. However, Wine for Dummies had more potential to get me through the day. 
I considered redeeming the coupon for the local Big Box Booze store, but $30 to $50 for a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon didn’t seem like much of a sale. I lean towards the $16.99 Buckhorn Bourbon. More bang for the ‘buck’ and great paired with the Groupon Coupon for the set of four Mason jar shot glasses for only $9.99.
My in-box had BF sale enticements for everything from motivational webinars trying to motivate me to buy motivational seminars, to duplicate checks with my family photo or Disney characters printed on it…which ever looked less scary.
Best Buy almost had me with their “Mystery Door Buster” offer. The catch was, the only way I could find out what mystery items were on sale was to go into the store on Thanksgiving night after 8pm. However, if I wanted a sneak-preview of the items, I could check online after 10pm, to see what was on sale earlier that evening. I got confused and forgot about the whole idea.
Did I forget to mention that Thanksgiving morning the paper on my driveway was almost two inches think (I measured)? Nope, it wasn’t the newspaper, it was the stack of BF sale fliers. There were ads for some stores I’d never even heard of, much less seen around here.
Admittedly, there were great deals on items that were difficult to pass up. I could have opted for an $850.00 toilet & sink set, or taken $30.00 off an automotive battery. Hold me back. Some music store thought sending me five fliers would be enough to brainwash me into buying a seven piece drum ensemble or a mini recording studio in a box. It didn’t work.
There was a weak moment when I almost gave in. The Macy's sale flier was the clincher. The lure of finding boots for $29.99 or cashmere sweaters for only $39.00 nearly put me over the edge. But I managed to control myself and bypass all the BF sales.
 What saved me from all this madness was the news. Footage of people camping out in pup tents in the freezing cold to be the first one through the doors when they opened,  lines a half mile long to get into the stores, masses of humanity clawing their way through store aisles, knocking over displays and each other was too traumatic for me
I stayed in, cleaned house and did laundry instead. Guess some Fridays can be Black even if you don’t shop the sales. Sigh.

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