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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lost and Found

Most people misplace simple things like their keys or glasses. My husband, Garth, misplaces groceries.

It’s really nice that he helps me with the shopping every week. What happens when he transitions those food items from his car to the refrigerator, however, baffles the female brain. 

I was looking for oranges to have with my breakfast the other day…found them on the tool bench in the garage.

Need an onion? Check the paint shelf.

We were gearing up for Superbowl snacking and Garth made a special trip to the store for all the fixins’. I found the chips on the clothes dryer and the canned clams sitting on top of a box of Christmas stuff waiting to be stored away.

There was one time where all the groceries actually made it into the house …or so I thought.  Several hours later, when I went out to run an errand, I saw his car parked in the driveway - with the trunk lid standing open. I went over to shut it and spotted a bag of potatoes inside. Fortunately, they hadn’t sprouted yet.

I was pretty sure Garth’s grocery misplacement problem was confined to those few steps between car and house. The other night proved me wrong. 

I was making dinner and searching through the refrigerator.

“Garth, have you seen the steaks? They need seasoning.”

“Yes,dear. Look harder, they’re hiding in plain sight.” 

 “Where?” I said, searching through every inch of the fridge, “I don’t see them.”

“They’re on the grill.”

Retrieving the steaks required going outside, across the patio and around the corner of the house to where the BBQ grill was located. 

Yep, there they were - perched on the edge of the grill - in plain sight. 

How could I have missed them?

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