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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This… Is… J..E..O..P..A..R..D..Y..!

If you haven’t tuned in to “Jeopardy” lately, maybe you should. Things are getting pretty darn exciting!
Garth and I have been glued to the tube watching the semi-finals of the latest tournament. The “Battle of the Decades” is in honor of the program’s thirty years on television.
People had to go online, weeks in advance, and vote for their favorite champion from each of the decades (as if anyone can remember who won Jeopardy in 1984). Whichever champs got the most votes, appears in the tournament. Grand prize – a cool million!
I’m not a big game-show enthusiast—but Garth and I have been addicted to Jeopardy for years. 7-7:30PM is sacrosanct around our house. Dinner has to be cooked, eaten and dishes rinsed before it starts. If we run a little late, I jump up during commercials to put the leftovers away and shove the dishes in the dishwasher.  We don’t answer the phone or go to the bathroom. Our kids know that if they call during that time frame, their houses better be on fire.
One of the reasons we love it so much is it keeps our feeble brains semi-sharp. Back in the day when Trivial Pursuit was popular, Garth and I were an unbeatable team. We’re still not too bad at the game. Sometimes, it just takes us a few hours to come up with the answer, rather than a few seconds. Jeopardy is our last hope to try to remember facts we can’t remember we’ve forgotten.
As you would expect, the tournament questions for these former champions are pretty tough.  For example, the answer to one question was “Jay-Z”.
I asked Garth, “Isn’t he married to Beyonce or someone?”
Garth said, “No, he’s married to X-Y.”
Ya gotta admit - the guy’s sharp!
I was proud of Garth the other night. He pulled an answer out of nowhere to one of the most obscure questions you’ve ever heard.
“Garth!” I squealed. “WOW! You got it right!”
“Well, waddya know,” he replied. “After twenty-two years, eleven months, two weeks, and fourteen hours of marriage, I got something right.”
“Keep it up, Babe,” I encouraged him, “you’re on a roll.”


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